Success Stories


For any engagement, our top priority is making you successful. These success stories demonstrate how we have achieved that goal for a wide range of clients. The common thread among all these stories is “getting finished”. Each client’s end objective and our path to success were different in nearly every case, but consistently, only by getting development finished could the client move their business forward.

  • Mobile Client Application

    Mobile Client Application

  • Power Factor Correction

    Power Factor Correction

  • Radar Traffic Sensor

    Radar Traffic Sensor

  • Internet Appliance

    Internet Appliance

  • LED Menu Display

    LED Menu Display

  • Indoor RF Location System

    Indoor RF Locator System

  • Magnetic Card Reader

    Magnetic Card Reader

  • Alcohol Sensor System

    Alcohol Sensor System

Each of these success stories illustrate a different capability we can bring to a project, from speed of execution, to completion of projects in progress, from cutting edge technical solutions, to simple solutions for nearly intractable problems, as well as our ability to identify the critical business issues in making a product viable. They also show the variety of roles that we have filled for our clients. Whether we have been asked to be a virtual engineering organization, an extension to the client’s existing engineering organization or a resource to enable a specific sales opportunity, our focus has always been the same – to get finished and make the client successful. We look forward to the opportunity to repeating this process with you.