RF/Wireless Design


Designing and deploying a wireless system involves multiple skills, ranging from RF design, to protocol analysis, to the creation of embedded and mobile-device application software. We have successfully designed and deployed multiple wireless systems and understand the design approaches needed to create a robust, reliable product. We have experience in a variety of protocols used in standards for both licensed (Cellular) and unlicensed (802.11, ZigBee, etc.) services.

The emergence of multiple wireless standards has greatly increased the adoption rate of wireless products in the market. From a design perspective, the challenges have changed from designing and building one’s own proprietary system to ensuring compliance with the appropriate standards. A partial list of the standards we have worked with is:

  • 802.11/WiFi
  • 802.15.4/ZigBee
  • Bluetooth
  • DECT
  • Ultra-wideband

We have extensive RF circuit and system design experience for both low and high-power devices, and can make the design decisions necessary to make your RF-enabled product successful. Areas of specific expertise include:

  • RF System Modeling — We have the capability to accurately model the performance of complex systems in challenging environments using tools such as MatLab
  • Propagation Analysis — Our team has a deep understanding of outdoor and indoor propagation environments, using single and multiple antennas, for both stationary and mobile radios
  • RF Circuit Design — We can design all types of RF subsystems, using both discrete and highly integrated components
  • Digital Signal Processing (A/D, D/A) — We understand the challenges associated with high-speed signal generation and acquisition techniques, and how to interface high-performance analog RF front-ends to digital systems
  • Communication Protocols — Whether proprietary or standards based, we are experts in getting communication protocols operating in the real world

The explosion in mobile devices is being accompanied by an explosion in mobile software applications. We have assisted our customers in creating these mobile applications, handling the core functional requirements, as well as the user interface and graphics for branding. The limited screen real estate of mobile devices creates special challenges in graphical user interface (GUI) design, and our expertise allows us to make best use of the space available for your application. Further, creating an application for one mobile device is often the first step in developing a product family. Once an application is launched, there is often an immediate demand for it to be made available for other platforms, including:

  • iPhone®
  • Android
  • Windows Phone®

Our broad experience base across the entire spectrum from RF hardware, to wireless protocols, to mobile client software allows us to tackle any wireless application.