As an adjunct to our design services, we offer complete turn-key manufacturing capabilities to our clients. By operating as an ODM (original design manufacturer), we can provide you a single point of contact for management and accountability to ensure that each product is designed, produced and operates in the intended manner. For organizations that lack expertise in product development and manufacturing, or don’t want to bring on additional full-time staff, we serve as a virtual development and manufacturing organization.

As an ODM, we will design the product, get it certified (if required), produce it, test it, package it, and perform any warranty repairs. The exact structure of the project and relationship with each client is determined based on your particular needs and your associated business model.

While we can provide a turn-key solution for nearly any volume project, we offer very compelling cost and expediency benefits for lower volumes products. As the cost (and generally the complexity) of the product increases, this becomes even more pronounced. For low volume products, the biggest cost drivers are set-up charges and the time to “get up the learning curve”. As the complexity of the product increases, the amount of learning required increases proportionately. As the product’s design firm, we are already “up to speed” and therefore have an inherent advantage in serving as the ODM. In addition, products of greater complexity typically require additional assembly skill, testing, tuning and configuration which are often beyond a typical contract manufacturers’ technical capabilities.

For simpler, low volume products, Tier 4 and Tier 5 contract manufacturers are often a great solution. Unfortunately many Tier 4 and Tier 5 contract manufacturers do not have the technical capability to debug and repair complex production units that initially fail production test. For clients that seek a more complete solution, we partner with these contract manufacturers to offer a complete solution – we act as a “wrapper” to the contract manufacturer to delivered products that have been fully tested, reworking those units that fail testing before delivery, ensuring only properly working products are delivered.