Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineering is a cornerstone of our business – a solid, well-tested hardware design provides a platform that is a solid foundation for software development, and facilitates a smooth integration and test phase. Furthermore, it is critical to have a solid design if the product is to be successfully transitioned into volume manufacturing. Our experienced professionals are skilled in the many disciplines of electrical engineering:

  • Analog design
  • Digital circuit design
  • Power supplies
  • High-speed digital design
  • CPLD and FPGA logic design using VHDL and Verilog
  • RF and wireless
  • Schematic capture/PCB layout
  • PCB fabrication and assembly

One of the critical missions for our electrical engineers is quickly establishing a hardware platform that software engineers can use to begin their development. This is key to being fast to finished.

Whether the design is simple or complex, our electrical engineers follow the same process. We create the system design, select and specify parts, capture the schematic, assist with and verify the PCB layout, have the PCB assembled, test and verify the board’s operation, support the software team, and create a manufacturing package. In addition, our electrical engineers will work with the mechanical design team on board mounting, connection scheme and cabling design and thermal paths and heat sinking. If required, we will handle any certification issues (FCC, UL, CE, etc.). Our engineers are experienced in getting all the details right.

Our engineers are also well versed in the latest technologies and the additional challenges these technologies bring. In particular, FPGAs bring an enormous amount of signal processing power and flexibility – the challenge is to harness that power efficiently. We have assisted clients in putting a multitude of the latest FPGAs on a single board, working through the issues of using pre-production parts and the design requirements for terminating high-speed busses. Our hardware engineers work with our system engineers to translate the analytical design into a realizable system. This combination of skills allow us to tackle the most complex projects efficiently and effectively.