Embedded Development


We have developed embedded software across a wide range of applications using processors with an equally wide range of capabilities. Whether the application is a battery-powered, portable device or a highly sophisticated router, our team first focuses on determining your product’s critical performance characteristics. This drives the selection of the processor and operating system. It also highlights critical system issues – conservation of battery power, data throughput, etc.

We have worked across the entire spectrum of embedded processors from 8-bit, low-power microprocessors to high-performance 16- and 32-bit processors. Processors we have recently used include:

  • Texas Intruments MSP430
  • Microchip PIC
  • Power PC
  • ARM
  • Freescale Coldfire
  • Intel x86 Single Board Computers

We have also worked on SoC (System-on-Chip) devices for a variety of specialized applications including:

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth

Whether these devices are put down directly on the PCB or are part of a module, we know how to productize the considerable amount of software often provided by the semiconductor vendor, to create a reliable, robust product.

Our team is operating-system agnostic, and will use the tools most suited to our customers’ business and technical needs. We are experienced with:

  • Linux
  • uCOS
  • pSOS
  • VxWorks
  • OSE
  • FreeRTOS

Choice of operating system, of course, assumes that an operating system is appropriate for your application. We also have experience in developing applications (especially on smaller microcontrollers) with no operating system, merely consisting of a main loop and carefully-crafted interrupt service routines.

Let us assist you in your next embedded software development project.