Start-up Companies


We have worked with many start-up companies and have found mutual success time and time again. Our focus on moving quickly and getting finished resonates with a venture-funded start-up company’s strategic objectives – get the product into customers’ hands quickly, find out what changes the market requires, implement the changes, and start selling product.

We have supported start-ups in several different roles. We have been their virtual engineering team, which is especially attractive in the formative stages of product development, when market uncertainty is high. By using us, these start-ups can quickly develop proof-of-concept or early prototypes without wasting the time and energy needed to recruit and get a new team moving – our team is ready to go on day one. We have also operated as a second development organization for start-ups that have uncovered another opportunity they want to pursue but don’t want to suffer the distraction or loss of focus that developing it internally would create within their own organization.

Another way we support start-ups is by helping them broaden their product offering. When a company is entering a new market, there are often additional components, accessories, and ancillary products that are not core to the business or technology, but nonetheless are needed to complete the product offering. We can produce these items without distracting our client’s team from their development of the company’s key technologies. The Mobile Client success story is such an example of the way start-ups have leveraged us both to fill in their product line and to provide an expansion of their eco-system as they begin selling products.

The members of our team, including our executives in particular, have worked for many start-ups during their careers. We understand what it takes to make a start-up successful and welcome the chance to demonstrate it to you.