Product Integration & Test


Our integration skills make the difference between a unit that works on the lab bench and a system that operates in the real world. Integration sits at the confluence of engineering disciplines, where electrical, software, mechanical and systems engineering come together. For prototypes, the focus is on functional testing – making the product operate as expected. But, before a product is production-ready, the testing process includes not only functional testing in the expected environment, but also stress-testing across the full range of operating environments and testing behavior in the presence of anomalies and error conditions. Field trials are another very important aspect of integration and testing; our engineers want to be there when the product is introduced to real customers for the first time. This allows us to find and fix any issues quickly before you begin mass roll-outs of the product.

In product development, testing is a broad term that has many different personalities. These include:

  • System Testing – We evaluate the performance of the system in different operating scenarios and under different failure conditions.
  • Qualification Testing – For tightly-specified systems in applications such as defense, aerospace or telecommunications, we not only perform a full functional test over the product’s design range, but also against various standard specifications.
  • Regression Testing – When we add new capabilities to a system, we verify the product’s operation not only for the new capabilities, but over the entire feature set.
  • Environmental Testing – We perform temperature, vibration and shock testing to verify operation across the environments specified.
  • Certifications – We assist you with regulatory and compliance testing. This can include certification testing such as FCC, UL, CE and other government-defined safety and regulatory standards.

We will develop a custom test and integration plan to address your product’s needs. For simple, low volume products or prototypes, the testing requirements are very straightforward. As volume increases or the product’s complexity increases, the product development testing needs increase dramatically. By understanding your business needs and product roadmap, we will create an approach that balances these costs against where you are in the product’s lifecycle.

Our heavy focus on integration and test helps you get your product working, and more importantly, finished.