Turnaround Projects


If you find yourself in the position that your product is in jeopardy, that you have lost confidence in your development process, or that you are in fear of not meeting your deadline, come see us.

We will:

  • Sit down with you and determine where the project stands
  • Find the cause of the schedule slip or technical impediment
  • Identify the parts of the design that are finished and working, and generate a plan for fixing/replacing the product’s deficiencies
  • Generate a proposal for you and get the product development process back on track

We have executed many turn-arounds successfully, and understand the emotions and politics involved. Our experience and acumen has enabled us to complete any project, regardless of the phase of the development cycle in which we receive it. We do not have a “not invented here” attitude. Let us take on your project and we will preserve the value of the development that has taken place, fix and/or replace what is broken and move it across the finish line.