Mechanical Design


As a full-service product development organization, we can also design and create the packaging for your product. Whether the product requires a few simple modifications to a standard prefabricated housing, a custom sheet metal enclosure, or complete custom plastics resulting from an intensive industrial design and mechanical engineering process, we can provide the solution. For complex systems, each component of the system may require a different type of housing. For the wireless sensor system project, we coordinated the development of all the different housings, partnering with industrial/mechanical design firms for the consumer-facing elements while developing the more straightforward metal enclosures in-house. Our breadth of ability and our strong partnerships provide you access to the cutting-edge look and feel you need for your product (especially for high-profile consumer facing items) and give you a single point of contact for the overall project.

Our environmental design capabilities ensure that your product operates correctly in all the environments it will encounter. Many products have very straightforward requirements for vibration and are often only required to operate at room temperature. But, for those products that must be more robust, we can provide the analytical capabilities needed to design and simulate the product’s performance in these more extreme environments and the testing needed to verify the design. In addition, our capabilities include reliability analysis to predict Mean-Time-Between-Failures. We use tools such as Relex to create a reliability model including the device’s operational temperature profile to predict how long the device will last, and more importantly, to find the weak aspects of the system and strengthen them.