IoT Cloud


IoT Functionality

The cloud has several functions in enabling an IoT system. It is first and foremost a known location to devices and users, providing the connection point. A simple IoT system will use the cloud as a control and relay point between devices and users, but devices and users can also communication with other devices and users through the cloud, as well as third party applications such as Facebook or Twitter. The cloud also brings significant computing and storage resources that can be utilized in processing and acting on the wealth of data that can be collected in an IoT system.

Wavetrix has been enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) since before the term was coined
Our Experience

We have built systems throughout the evolution of cloud computing from general purpose servers, through internet appliances and virtual servers, to today’s cloud computing. We developed one of the first products that used a known location on the Internet to enable resources behind firewalls to connect with each other. Scalability is another area were cloud computing excels and is an area we have addressed in several projects. We have considerable experience in two areas others often overlook in developing an IoT system – the administration of the overall application and how to provision and configure new devices and users into the system. Most organizations tend to focus on the costs of cloud bandwidth, computing, and storage. While these are important, administration and provisioning/configuring often drive the operating cost of the application because they involve people. We understand both what the cloud brings to the table and how to minimize the overall operating costs of a cloud-based application.

How We Can Help

The cloud portion of an IoT system consists of many different generic functions that are connected together and modified to create the specific application. We have experts in databases, storage, computing, networking, and analytics. We can augment your team with a critical skill or take on the entire task. We are especially strong at reducing the costs of the Operations Technology (OT) portion of the system (the interactions between devices and users). Permissions is an area of significant Wavetrix experience. By that we mean the configuration of cloud services to provide access only to the correct devices by the correct users. We also have the expertise in the analytical implementation of creating “Big Data” applications.

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