IoT Mobile Apps


IoT Functionality

The mobile application’s primary function is the interface with the user. By connecting to the cloud, the mobile application can access information on devices, as well as other Internet resources. It can leverage the cloud’s computing and storage capabilities, and display the information in the most meaningful way. The mobile application can also access other mobile applications or smartphone capabilities (such as location) to further enhance its richness.

Wavetrix has been enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) since before the term was coined
Our Experience

We have been developing since the first generation of smart phones (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry). We have developed mobile apps across the complexity scale from basic applications that retrieve and display information and allow simple configuration changes to more sophisticated applications that interface with lower layers of the smartphone’s operating system to change it behavior.

How We Can Help

We can develop the entire mobile application, the portion that connects to the cloud, or the GUI. We know how to create mobile applications that operate the same from a users perspective across the broad range of mobile OSs – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone – that users expect.

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