Texas Instruments


We established our strategic relationship with Texas Instruments based on their technology strength and their outstanding development tools and product support. We have had a long history with Texas Instruments, both from a company viewpoint and as individuals – many of our engineers started their careers at Texas Instruments. This combination of leading edge technology and support lets us deliver your product faster, and more economically, with the features and performance you need.

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of Texas Instruments’ products, including:

  • High-end C6X Digital Signal Processor family
  • Economical C54x Digital Signal Processor family
  • Wireless chipsets including the 802.15.4/ZigBee standard
  • Low-power MSP430 Microcontroller family
  • A/D and D/A Converters and signal conditioning components
  • Power conditioning electronics

Texas-instruments-chip-insetOur analytical signal processing capabilities and high speed digital design expertise mates up very well with Texas Instruments’ world-leading position in digital signal processors. We have used both the high-end C6x family for advanced sensor applications, which we integrated via external programmable digital logic to high speed A/D and D/A converters, see the Radar Traffic Sensor, and the C54x series, where economics was the dominant driver. Another application area where we lean on Texas Instruments’ products heavily is battery operated devices, especially when the application requires multiple years of use before batteries are changed. For example, the very low sleep current of the MSP430 was a key factor in designing tags for indoor RF location tracking applications that have long-term battery operation.

Getting a project finished requires the type of development environment and support Texas Instruments offers. For us to complete your project quickly, the efficient and efficacy of the development environment is a fundamental schedule, and therefore cost driver. Texas Instruments understands this concept and has created tool sets that maximize our engineers’ productivity. In addition, they offer the technical support through reference designs, field support, and sampling programs available when challenges arise. By working closely with Texas Instruments, we can quickly deliver you the leading edge product you envision.